An Introduction to the ‘Art Journal’

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Workshop: An introduction to the ‘Art Journal’

Welcome to your art journal, a space for you to explore, experiment, encourage, and practice your creativity. There is no right or wrong, no pre-conceived ideas or judgement, and absolutely no experience needed. This workshop is aimed at adults; however, if you are 16 years or older, you are more than welcome to attend.

About the Experience:

Explore how the art journal can be utilised, and how others use a journal in this 2.5hr workshop. Creative people tend to be visual people; we are drawn to and inspired by colours, images, shapes, and textures. Journals offer a space to play, document, and collect information in any form, from yourself or others. It may consist of words, images, keepsakes, artworks, samples, flyers, or experiments. Your journal may be a means to an end, or an object in itself, a thing of utility, or of beauty. As you embark on your journaling experience, you will have the chance to experiment and play with a large variety of materials and mediums, forming a connection with your journal that will nurture and stimulate your creativity.


o You will discover new mediums, techniques, and approaches, as you are inspired by others.

o You will learn how a journal can be used to nurture a more artistic experience.

o You will connect with the present moment whilst exploring your creativity.

o You will embark on your own journal exploration and be provided with the tools and resources to continue your exploration away from the studio.

Finer Details:

o Please bring an empty journal with you, there is no specific size although A4 / A5 is a size that works well. It doesn't have to be expensive, although paper quality is important – thicker paper is better and will support a range of mediums. Choose a journal that resonates with you, that you love, that you will want to use often!

o Please bring any 2D bits and pieces you may have stashed because you can't bear to throw them out. Magazine cut outs, old wrapping paper, drawings, poems, old cards, samples, photos (not the originals if you don’t want them stuck in). If you are unsure, just bring them!

o All other materials are included, including aprons.

o Herbal tea will compliment your experience.

o The workshop is held at Mark Makers Art Studio, Tewantin.

o Parking is plentiful in the carpark at the rear of the Tewantin Plaza, off Doonella st.

o The studio is wheelchair accessible.

o A maximum of 8 participants ensures individual support and fosters a sense of community within the group; a minimum on 3 is required.

o A deposit will secure your place in the workshop; this is only refundable or transferrable if the workshop is cancelled due to teacher illness, etc.

o If only the deposit is paid upon booking, please ensure the remainder is paid before on or before the workshop date. If payment is not received, unfortunately your place may be passed on to someone on the waiting list. Bank details are as follows, please use your name as a reference;

Lucy Laino

BSB: 084 855

ACC NO: 31 728 070


o Saturday 13th July; 1.30pm - 4.00pm

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